Now I’m here copying a year old flyer. I actually have a copy of the flyer but the little bugger is a .gif, and photoshop won’t let me do squat with it! So here I am recreating the flyer from scratch. 

This is the flyer they want:

What they want...

What they want...

And here are the 3 that i originally came up with (i got the backgrounds from another source)


Flyer #1

Flyer #1


Flyer #2

Flyer #2

Flyer #3

Flyer #3

Really Now? I admit i could have done a little bit more to spice it up, but still…

Anyway, off i go


It’s monday, a slow, boring, why-am-i-here? kind of monday. Everything feels so sluggish…it took my office computer 3 minutes just to bring up Internet Explorer this morning (5 to bring up messenger…but i’m not really supposed to be on that…)…what’s up with that?

My tummy is pleading hard for food, but due to my lazyness it’s probably going to lose that argument.

 I’m sitting downstairs in the store (procrastinating on this list of customer’s that I have to call for their emails – oooohhhh jjooyyy) and all of a sudden “Paper planes” by MIA comes on. 


Isn’ this supposed to be an office supply store? Why are we bussin off songs with gun shots in them….I kinda love it – oh listen! Fall out boy just came on! “Dance Dance” lol, like what the hell dred?

It’s time we redefined professionalism 🙂 (hmm, I wonder how much of this song my employer can stand before she changes it….)

~~~My TadBits~~~

Fav Song of the Moment: Diva by Beyonce

Cell Phone Ring Tone:  That’s What You Get by Paramore

Fav Music Vid of the Moment: IDK, i’ve been falling off my video watching duties.

Movie I’m Watching: Nothing (Ha-ha! I’ve finally finished the Godfather, twas brilliant. Now I just need to return this dudes DVD that I’ve had for months…)

Currently Reading: The Outlaw Demon Wails By Kim Harrison (lol, in explanation, I actually put this book down – lost it is more along the truth – and I picked up another book that I finished yesterday – Kitty and the Midnight Hour – Thanks Shin. It was kinda good, some times I didn’t care for the way it read, but yea. I’ll start the second one after I finish Outlaw Demon – which I conveniently found last night.)

Current Goal – Get these blasted window cling designs to print! Grr, I’ve been trying to get it to print from last week.

~~~The End~~~

Now there’s a really annoying dance song on…sounds like a CD skipping – and still my employer hasn’t changed it!

I’ve been told to create 2 8ft(h) by 4ft(w) window signs for my workplace.

The first design up came up with sat on my employers desk for about a week as he hummed and ahhed about it. Then he sent it back saying it doesn’t catch his eye and it looks overly organized….something that he would do.

 So, after much thinking, countless numbers of times rearranging pictures, switching out backgrounds, adding this, taking away that…I had 3 extra designs to show him. THREE! 

Just now, I lost all of it.


Guess my new passion!…..


NOPE! (I don’t care what you said-lol) It’s graphic design.

Below you will find my second selfish creation. I call it “selfish” because I’m currently working as a graphic artist in training, so I’m only supposed to be doing signs for the store (my employer). Now, here it is, I am supposed to be designing a 8x4ft window cling BUT instead I’ve been designing a book cover for myself – thus being SELFISH – See! It links.

So yea, it’s titled: “Orchids Over My Grass” Lol, I love it!  

Program: CS2
Creation Time: 30 mins (or so)
Creation Date: May 1st,09

What do you think?


"Orchids Over My Grass"

"Orchids Over My Grass"

~~~My TadBits~~~

Fav Song of the Moment: The Fear by Lily Allen

Cell Phone Ring Tone:  Now that You Got It – Gwen Stefani

Fav Music Vid of the Moment: The Fear by Lily Allen

Movie I’m Watching: The Godfather (Yea…)

Currently Reading: The Outlaw Demon Wails By Kim Harrison

Current Goal – Re-do all 7 BOSS aisle signs. (Well, to be honest I only need to switch out the pictures. But see, it’s still not that simple because each individual sign has to have it’s own unique pictures. About five pictures per sign. So yea, I’ve got about 3 more.)

I am getting tired of clicking on all the lastest and greatest music videos only to be told “This video is not [edit] available in your country.” Like, WTFH?!

What is the point? I feel so betrayed. Do you have an idea how much effort I have to put into locating a music video on youtube? I feel proud and accomplished when I actually do find something – I shouldn’t have to feel proud and accomplished about finding a [edit] music video on youtube!

Oh, and your new layout sucks too – I don’t care what other people have in their playlist, I just want the one OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO that I typed in!



I love Spring! 

All the Green,

All the Flowers,

All the flowers Scattered on the grass,

All the flowers floating to the grass,

Just thought I’d brighten up the blog to match the season!

Happy Spring!

(…can you tell that I’m procrastinating on my work?)

Day N Night – Kid Cudi

Now, I have a love/hate relathionship with this video.