April 2008

…It captivates me. I don’t understand why, but I really like this layout – but only because of the pen….I like pens….pens are nice… Even thought it’s basically a dead art, there’s just something so attractive about handwriting stories. Not that I handwrite everything – no way. I’ve long past the point where my typing speed surpasses that of my handwriting speed. And neither speed keeps up with my brain! So I’m sitting there thinking about the first sentence, and I start writing the first sentence. By the time i get half way through the first sentence, my brain is ending the second sentence so I write the end of the second sentence for the end of the first sentence and my brain stops suddenly and goes: “Wait….What?!” So then I have to sit there and try to remember what i was thinking for the first sentence and – Gah! It’s so annoying….so it’s usually at that point that a pull out my Labbie (laptop) and say screw it to the pen and paper.
So as you see, Pen&Paper and I have a love/hate relationship.

But yet! There’s a pen! Looking at me from the upper right hand corner,
It screams out (silently, of course): “Pick Up One of My Brothers! – Write!! – And like it!!!”

Lq (laugh quietly) – I had a Caramel Frappacino from Starbucks this morning. šŸ˜€ I am very….”happy” šŸ˜€


So maybe I’m a bit lated with Britney’s third single from her Blackout album.

But gosh, it came on after the Madonna/Justin pretty but pointless video on Sunday night, and I loved it!

To be honest, I was a Britney Spears new album hater – but so far I’ve fallen for every single. So on to the video:

Break the Ice (which I always have to stop myself from typing *Breaking* the ice…don’t know why) is first and formost, an animated video. Dun Dun DUUNN! The first one I’ve liked since “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park. It features the animated version of Britney Spears as some kinda super…person…fighting bad guys like she could never do in real life, and jumping/falling through glass windows. I read that it was done in South Korea – Japanese style (obviously) annndd directed by Robert Hales. I like the way the scenes flow with the music – really awesome job!

Though apparently this video has split the fans. It appears that the same amount of fans dislike the video as do like it. I came across a fan made remake of this video. And although I love the official video, I really couldn’t ignore how awesome this one was as well. It is by ptc1973, and you can check it out here.

Tell me what you think (and the creator as well!)

UPDATE: To compare, you can see the official video here.

So, did I tell you my life’s ambition?

My memory isn’t the best, but if I remember correctly – its on my “About Page”.

I want to be a well known and respected female director. I can see it now: expensive cars, glamorous clothes, exploring the world on my endless bank account, establishing a colony on the moon and naming it “Gee-Gee’s World” and we’ll have low crime and happy times and endless cheese! [figured I’d throw that in there since I am dreaming and all….]…I actually don’t care for cheese either…hmm

But seriously, that’s what I want to do and so i start my quest toward it…

There’s a movie filming down here for a few days – Duplicity. (Starring Julia Roberts) I went to the casting call for that. Man! Was it ever cold! I was freezing! Shin was there (of course šŸ˜› ) and wearing a jacket and complaining! Dudette, I didn’t even have a jacket…well I did, in my car…20 feet away…but thats not the point! So yea, they’re supposed to be filming in Mid May, so they’ll email us round that time to say whether we’ve been selected or not….to be an extra. I don’t really care about being in a movie, I just really want to get on the set!

And today I found out about another film coming down shooting here – “Way of the Dolphin”, sequel to “Eye of the Dolphin” – I’m trying to get on that one too. And um, note to casting people, how dat “Bahamian” dark skined gal talkin in dat trailer ain’t Bahamian!! Thats’s frickin British! [check back later for my rant about “Bahamian” dialect in American Movies] I mean, watch it – just watch it and listen to her 3 second monologue! THAT AIN”T HOW WE DOES TALK ON DA REGULAR!

So anyway, back to proper speaking typing…I’m here hoping for the best for me and Shin.

Keep your fingers crossed – and hands clasp in begging-filled prayers.

Holy Cow, Have you seen it?

The new Madonna/Justin/Timberland Video? (Okay, so it’s been out for a few days, but still!)

I did, just now…it was *interesting*.

To be honest, it was really cool and really suckie all in one. I liked how the screen *moved*. It has these 3D effect as the background kind of creeps along into the next shot(nice touch!)… But the video as a whole really didn’t make much sense to me.Ā  It was like they took a bunch of random scenes and slammed them all together.

I know some videos don’t mean to have a “plot” – but gesh…I couldn’t help feeling that Madonna and Justin could have chosen a treatment that had some form of substance to it. And the dancing! GESH! What was that?! Atleast Justin took that funny Victorian era clothing piece off of Madonna – it was killing me through the screen.

NEXT TIME: I want to take a closer look at the new Brittany Spears Animated Video – Break the Ice

It’s Sunday, the day of hopeless laziness, conch salad, other junk food, writing, and debates over nonsense.

I went out yesterday on my Saturday Date :D…that somehow turned into work. So yesh, T – my bf, is a director/camera guy/editor/everything else that has to do with that field. We went out yesterday to the Fort Charlotte Festival, T got stuck recording the entire opening ceremony and I got stuck standing there watching him do eet. My gosh! How do these camera people stand still so long? I was walking around like crazy, couldn’t even stand still during the national anthem…but it was still cool, I looked for diff camera angles, he let me record some stuff. šŸ˜€ It was awesome.

Then we went on to one of my fav things – FOOD! Close by was the Long Island Fair (remember, I’m in the Bahamas….not America šŸ˜› ) They had these awesome steaks, and this forever long line to get them!


Would you believe that Shin, my darling best friends for so many years, had the audacity to say (and i quote):

“He[The lead singer of 30 seconds to mars – Jared Leto] looks like a watered down Johnny Depp”

Na guurrlllss you kno! I had to fix her band wagon – she was so not focus. I had to knock them eyes of her’s straight:

Behold! Jared Leto in all his glory!.

Shin says:
I was looking at the wrrrrrrrrroooooooooooong pictures!
My bad, girl, my bad”

And so, Drika has forgiven Shin, because she is nothing more then a Beautiful Imperfection (-and don’t be hating on my cornyness!)

Listening To: My Overhead fan go round and round…kind of comforting actually. And, my muted TV. (I’ll give you a moment to ponder that one.)

It’s dark outside, sometimes I feel like it always is. I spend my day working in a building with no windows – I see sun light while I drive to and fro, I get home, help with dinner, eat, clean up, go to room….annnndd its dark…again. Don’t know where I’m going with this? Well don’t worry, I don’t either. But then i wake up and its sunny again! But the night comes again soon.

My point? What point? Huh? – Exactly.

….Suzzy keeps trying to get my attention. She wants to come up in my bed. No, she has her own. I don’t share very well – hold on, wait! What is this?
Soleil – u ebil thing you! U has linked meh!

…..i has no comment on this….

But yesh, Soleil herself is an awesome and you show go check out that link i put to her name [you know, in case you missed it.]

But ya, I could ramble on for a good while, but I’ll spare you. šŸ™‚

Adios Amigo’s

Until I post again.

Random Fact: I’s a writer [would never have guess, would ya?-lq]


And now, you shall meet me.


To Be Continued…