Day N Night – Kid Cudi

Now, I have a love/hate relathionship with this video.

It’s one of those video’s that I originally  fast forwarded through as soon as it came on or changed the channel all together. But then one day I must not have been as near to the remote as I would have liked, and this song came on. The beat caught my attention and I said: “Hold on. let me give this video a chance.” So I sat down, and played the video from the beginning.

It was incredibly boring, and that’s why i hate it. The only thing that drew my attention back from time to time was the added cartoon like effects. And that’s what I love, especially in the end, when Kid Cudi is in the bar. As he walks past the pool table the cartoon of the sun on a human body (thing) hopes off and imitates Kid’s hand movements, and then the moon joins in – and look at their facial expression! Love it, so smooth and cute! I’d watch this whole boring video over and over again just for that one moment.

~~~(And now my little tadbits that I said I would start including)~~~

Fav Song of the Moment: The Fear by Lily Allen

Cell Phone Ring Tone:  Now that You Got It – Gwen Stefani

Fav Music Vid of the Moment: The Fear by Lily Allen

Movie I’m Watching: The Godfather (Lol, I’ve actually been in the middle of watching this for a few weeks.)

Currently Reading: The Outlaw Demon Wails By Kim Harrison

Current Goal – Get BOSS Window Clings Designed (>< They have to be 8 ft x 4 ft, so Photoshop is taking it’s nice slow time.)