Music Video of the Moment

I am getting tired of clicking on all the lastest and greatest music videos only to be told “This video is not [edit] available in your country.” Like, WTFH?!

What is the point? I feel so betrayed. Do you have an idea how much effort I have to put into locating a music video on youtube? I feel proud and accomplished when I actually do find something – I shouldn’t have to feel proud and accomplished about finding a [edit] music video on youtube!

Oh, and your new layout sucks too – I don’t care what other people have in their playlist, I just want the one OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO that I typed in!




Day N Night – Kid Cudi

Now, I have a love/hate relathionship with this video.


And my new favorite video is (dun dun dunnn):

“So What”?! by Pink.

(Yea, I just threw in the question mark and exclamation for fun – besides, can’t you see how well it fits?)

But seriously, here is the link – check it out!

Now wasn’t that just hilarious and completely like Pink? All the different scenario’s, all the facial expression’s – gosh! She is an amazing actress as far as music videos go.

So, video highlights for me:
1) The fact that her (ex-?)husband is actually in the video. He does realize that he’s the reason the song is in existence right?? (It just goes to show that you could be great friends but not made for that long time commitment. I’m happy they’re still friends though, it’s a breath of fresh air as far as celebrity break-ups go)
2) The little clip of Pink walking to the guitar store. It’s so random, but I love. Just watch her, her movement is all natural and care-free.
3)And of course, the part where she starts banging the guitar on the floor and after the fight where she chest butts the salesman – lol, too funny.
4) The tree! (Sorry tree hug(ers)- much love, still!) I always knew there was a reason why I never carved my name into a tree with someone else attached with a big ole hard angled heart and a messed up plus sign! I find it hilarious how she just starts ‘crying’ in the middle of cutting down the tree! And then the little pelvic dance after it falls – LMAO!
5) The NewlyWeds Attacked – don’t you just hate to see happy couples after you’ve just got your heart trampled on?! Her attack on the car was just amazing (as well as her “Oh, F*** NO! expression when they pulled up”). The beer all over the car, her on the roof beating it, popping the people balloons, lol. But what really gets me is the priceless clip right after they (finally) drive away (come on, would you really sit there that long to let this crazy chick up on the roof of your car? lol, even if it IS Pink?). Pink is sitting in the road, next to the bike, cross ankle with a beer – without a care in the world – priceless!
6) Pink and her hair – or lack there of. Lol, She was just freaking right out when her hair caught on fire. lol, rocking back and forth in the chair – and still rocking even when the fire was already out – lol. It’s like she’s finally completely lost it.

Over all, I just love the contrast of the song and the video. Here Pink is belting out how she’s doesn’t need him, but all her actions suggestion otherwise, she’s overreacting to everything. LoL. Wonderful job, wonderful video.

Oh, one little thing, I don’t know about you, but the pillow fight scene felt out of place to me in the video. There was no conflict in it like the other scenes, and it wasn’t so much of a performance shot as was the scene with Pink on stage. And come on! – Pink?…and floating feathers from pillows? They just don’t go together as far as I can see.

But yes, Pink is awesome still 😀

Much Love To Pink!


This woman just don’t care!

So maybe I’m a bit lated with Britney’s third single from her Blackout album.

But gosh, it came on after the Madonna/Justin pretty but pointless video on Sunday night, and I loved it!

To be honest, I was a Britney Spears new album hater – but so far I’ve fallen for every single. So on to the video:

Break the Ice (which I always have to stop myself from typing *Breaking* the ice…don’t know why) is first and formost, an animated video. Dun Dun DUUNN! The first one I’ve liked since “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park. It features the animated version of Britney Spears as some kinda super…person…fighting bad guys like she could never do in real life, and jumping/falling through glass windows. I read that it was done in South Korea – Japanese style (obviously) annndd directed by Robert Hales. I like the way the scenes flow with the music – really awesome job!

Though apparently this video has split the fans. It appears that the same amount of fans dislike the video as do like it. I came across a fan made remake of this video. And although I love the official video, I really couldn’t ignore how awesome this one was as well. It is by ptc1973, and you can check it out here.

Tell me what you think (and the creator as well!)

UPDATE: To compare, you can see the official video here.

Holy Cow, Have you seen it?

The new Madonna/Justin/Timberland Video? (Okay, so it’s been out for a few days, but still!)

I did, just now…it was *interesting*.

To be honest, it was really cool and really suckie all in one. I liked how the screen *moved*. It has these 3D effect as the background kind of creeps along into the next shot(nice touch!)… But the video as a whole really didn’t make much sense to me.  It was like they took a bunch of random scenes and slammed them all together.

I know some videos don’t mean to have a “plot” – but gesh…I couldn’t help feeling that Madonna and Justin could have chosen a treatment that had some form of substance to it. And the dancing! GESH! What was that?! Atleast Justin took that funny Victorian era clothing piece off of Madonna – it was killing me through the screen.

NEXT TIME: I want to take a closer look at the new Brittany Spears Animated Video – Break the Ice