Wow….it sure took me a long time to get that Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream.

I won’t even count the months – too much shame. 
There’s not much point, I guess, in posting up a review of The Killer’s song, but I do finally remember the name of that song with the funny colored guts – it’s L. E. S. Artistes by Santigold! LOVE IT! Currently the most played song on my IPOD and phone ring tone. 😀 Link!

(This gives me an idea for my next post – it’s an old and constantly used idea, but still.)

Now, there is another Music Vid I plan to evaluate (as soon as i remember the name, singer, or some lyrics).

Until then, I have a mini update! I’m learning the world of graphics! That’s it. lol, I’m going to go back to CS and this window cling concept that I have to come up with.

I shall be back soon (hopefully,lol) with a more productive entry.




Christmas is approaching, one more week of class, 2 outstanding essays, 1 other essay, 1 3hr final…..and some other stuff that I’m sure I’ve forgotten. But of those 3 essays, I’ve started one. So far I have….my name and the date….

I really should be working on those essays now, and that’s why I’m posting this. Cuz I’m a procrastinator (please kids don’t do this at home).

I meant to do a few Music Vid related post, one on my fav funniest vid’s and another on some random videos that I watched on MTV. One in particular…but I can’t remember the name of the song, the singer, or any words from the song (shows how much attention I was paying to *those* details) and tryin to google a description of the video (something like: “the music video with the green guts and orange blood and the lady on the horse”) isn’t working. (anyone know what vidI’m referring too?) I’m currently tvo-ingthrough MTV now in hopes of stumbling across it, but you know how these things go – since i’m looking for it, it won’t come up.

Oh look! The Killer’s new song. This song is okay, but it definately didn’t get me the way “When you were young” did. (contemplating whether I should do a seperate post for this music vid…..)

Hmm…I shall continue to ponder that as I retrieve some blueberry cheesecake ice cream from the freezer – BRB!

May 7th???
Has it been that long?

Anywho, I’m back.

Been having alot of ups and downs, all my before mentioned tries at breaking into Hollywood failed 😦 Suckage, but I’ve still got it in me to try and try again.

I’m back in college, though I don’t think I’ll be sticking around for much longer…The College of the Bahamas is good at some stuff, however, film education is definitely not one of them. Sooo, I’m trying to get a job at one of the very few places that offer film careers here in The Bahamas.

More bad news – no internet or cable tv at home….for like weeks now. I’m going through Internet Withdrawal Syndrome….more suckage.

A flash of good news: I helped out in filming a commercial! It was awesome sauce! More about that later….

Ummm….what else, oh, yea. This screenwriters competition has come up. I have one script that is completed but it’s only two pages long and even though they have not but a limit on the word count, I still don’t feel as though they are looking to give out $10,000 to a 3 minute script (if that). So I have another script that isn’t close to half way done that I’m going to try my hardest to finish up and submit. Good Luck to me, ya?!

Anywho, that’s my update for now.

Catch ya laters

And my new favorite video is (dun dun dunnn):

“So What”?! by Pink.

(Yea, I just threw in the question mark and exclamation for fun – besides, can’t you see how well it fits?)

But seriously, here is the link – check it out!

Now wasn’t that just hilarious and completely like Pink? All the different scenario’s, all the facial expression’s – gosh! She is an amazing actress as far as music videos go.

So, video highlights for me:
1) The fact that her (ex-?)husband is actually in the video. He does realize that he’s the reason the song is in existence right?? (It just goes to show that you could be great friends but not made for that long time commitment. I’m happy they’re still friends though, it’s a breath of fresh air as far as celebrity break-ups go)
2) The little clip of Pink walking to the guitar store. It’s so random, but I love. Just watch her, her movement is all natural and care-free.
3)And of course, the part where she starts banging the guitar on the floor and after the fight where she chest butts the salesman – lol, too funny.
4) The tree! (Sorry tree hug(ers)- much love, still!) I always knew there was a reason why I never carved my name into a tree with someone else attached with a big ole hard angled heart and a messed up plus sign! I find it hilarious how she just starts ‘crying’ in the middle of cutting down the tree! And then the little pelvic dance after it falls – LMAO!
5) The NewlyWeds Attacked – don’t you just hate to see happy couples after you’ve just got your heart trampled on?! Her attack on the car was just amazing (as well as her “Oh, F*** NO! expression when they pulled up”). The beer all over the car, her on the roof beating it, popping the people balloons, lol. But what really gets me is the priceless clip right after they (finally) drive away (come on, would you really sit there that long to let this crazy chick up on the roof of your car? lol, even if it IS Pink?). Pink is sitting in the road, next to the bike, cross ankle with a beer – without a care in the world – priceless!
6) Pink and her hair – or lack there of. Lol, She was just freaking right out when her hair caught on fire. lol, rocking back and forth in the chair – and still rocking even when the fire was already out – lol. It’s like she’s finally completely lost it.

Over all, I just love the contrast of the song and the video. Here Pink is belting out how she’s doesn’t need him, but all her actions suggestion otherwise, she’s overreacting to everything. LoL. Wonderful job, wonderful video.

Oh, one little thing, I don’t know about you, but the pillow fight scene felt out of place to me in the video. There was no conflict in it like the other scenes, and it wasn’t so much of a performance shot as was the scene with Pink on stage. And come on! – Pink?…and floating feathers from pillows? They just don’t go together as far as I can see.

But yes, Pink is awesome still 😀

Much Love To Pink!


This woman just don’t care!

Dear God,

This morning I was driving to work, and I saw the dew on the grass, I saw the sun shinning on the water – it looked like the diamonds on the surface. I saw people carrying on their lives – I being one of them.

And I felt ashamed. Dear God, this morning the sun rose without a family member and even though the waves of disappear only rocked my boat, they’ve turned over the boats of others very close to me. The sorrow is drowning them and they can’t seem to find the surface.

Father – how do I help? Where are the right words?

What do I do?

Dear God – please help.

Sooo, I got this Idea from Shin and I decided I’d try it. 😀

(Some of these are sooo easy)

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Mark the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: For those who are guessing — looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!

1. He called her on the road from a lonely cold hotel room.

2. Dreams swiftly come and go I’m dreaming of her

3. Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind’s elation

4. Take my photo off the wall if it just won’t sing for you

5. I’ve seen you hanging round this darkness where I’m bound

6. Well I went to bed in Memphis and I woke up in Hollywood

7. We watch the season pull up it’s own stakes

8. I think it was the summertime when i laid eyes on you

9. Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you

10. She said she’s no good with words but I’m worse

11. I can not find a way to describe (more…)

We all have greed issue’s and I plan to listen to it rather then ignore it. How can I be greedy for something that I already have? 😀

I loves my logic…

1. A Rottweiler Puppy

2. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Tyler

3. A Jet Ski (complete with sexy male rider – woohoo! 😀 )

4. A better looking swimsuit (LMAO)

5. A pony – heh, I may be an *adult* but I haven’t lost my inner child! “I want a pony!”