Day N Night – Kid Cudi

Now, I have a love/hate relathionship with this video.




Christmas is approaching, one more week of class, 2 outstanding essays, 1 other essay, 1 3hr final…..and some other stuff that I’m sure I’ve forgotten. But of those 3 essays, I’ve started one. So far I have….my name and the date….

I really should be working on those essays now, and that’s why I’m posting this. Cuz I’m a procrastinator (please kids don’t do this at home).

I meant to do a few Music Vid related post, one on my fav funniest vid’s and another on some random videos that I watched on MTV. One in particular…but I can’t remember the name of the song, the singer, or any words from the song (shows how much attention I was paying to *those* details) and tryin to google a description of the video (something like: “the music video with the green guts and orange blood and the lady on the horse”) isn’t working. (anyone know what vidI’m referring too?) I’m currently tvo-ingthrough MTV now in hopes of stumbling across it, but you know how these things go – since i’m looking for it, it won’t come up.

Oh look! The Killer’s new song. This song is okay, but it definately didn’t get me the way “When you were young” did. (contemplating whether I should do a seperate post for this music vid…..)

Hmm…I shall continue to ponder that as I retrieve some blueberry cheesecake ice cream from the freezer – BRB!