Guess my new passion!…..


NOPE! (I don’t care what you said-lol) It’s graphic design.

Below you will find my second selfish creation. I call it “selfish” because I’m currently working as a graphic artist in training, so I’m only supposed to be doing signs for the store (my employer). Now, here it is, I am supposed to be designing a 8x4ft window cling BUT instead I’ve been designing a book cover for myself – thus being SELFISH – See! It links.

So yea, it’s titled: “Orchids Over My Grass” Lol, I love it!  

Program: CS2
Creation Time: 30 mins (or so)
Creation Date: May 1st,09

What do you think?


"Orchids Over My Grass"

"Orchids Over My Grass"

~~~My TadBits~~~

Fav Song of the Moment: The Fear by Lily Allen

Cell Phone Ring Tone:  Now that You Got It – Gwen Stefani

Fav Music Vid of the Moment: The Fear by Lily Allen

Movie I’m Watching: The Godfather (Yea…)

Currently Reading: The Outlaw Demon Wails By Kim Harrison

Current Goal – Re-do all 7 BOSS aisle signs. (Well, to be honest I only need to switch out the pictures. But see, it’s still not that simple because each individual sign has to have it’s own unique pictures. About five pictures per sign. So yea, I’ve got about 3 more.)